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Known problems and workarounds for IBM InfoSphere DataStage Version 8.1

DataStage: Errors and warnings occur in installation log
DataStage: Do not use double backslashes ( \\ ) or forward slashes ( // ), or other non-normalized forms in pathnames in the installer response file
DataStage: Requested projects not created at installation
DataStage: missing license string error when upgrading from Version 8.0.1 to Version 8.1
DataStage: Upgrade can fail to add new Checksum stage to project
DataStage: Failure updating stages when upgrading from Version 8.0.1 to Version 8.1
DataStage: Projects that contain only executables cannot be upgraded from Version 7.5.3 to Version 8.1
DataStage: Problems when upgrading an 7.5.3 ITAG server to version 8.1
DataStage: Column names in Table Definition need to be 255 characters or less
DataStage: Problems with 40 or more simultaneous users
DataStage: Locking issue in certain multi-user scenarios
DataStage: Problems running large parallel job on Windows
DataStage: Parallel job fails when certain server job components are linked together
WebSphere MQ stages in DataStage server jobs on HP-UX on PA-RISC fail to connect to the queue manager
DataStage: Problem with delimiters when using server shared container in parallel job
DataStage: DSSetServerParams requires additional argument
DataStage: Column names with non-alphanumeric characters can cause runtime problems in parallel jobs
DataStage: Designer palette faults
DataStage: Director client disconnects
DataStage Director client: error when viewing job log
DataStage: When you delete a job in the Director client, the job design is deleted
DataStage Administrator client: viewing or editing project properties causes warnings
DataStage Administrator client: job log purge setting lost after upgrade
DataStage: Oracle OCI stage requires 32-bit library
DataStage Version 7.5.3 clients fail to start
DataStage Designer client: importing UniData file definitions
DataStage Designer client: UniData 6 stage is now deprecated
DataStage: Cannot delete shared table in Metadata Management tool
DataStage: Parallel job CFF and mainframe job MFF stages cannot be imported via DSXImportService
Import of large DataStage export files in xml format does not complete
DataStage: Problems importing metadata by via bridges
DataStage: non-numeric port number value given in ISHost argument to DSImportService command causes an error
DataStage: Documented syntax for generating XML reports is incorrect
DataStage: Job run reports generated by sequence jobs do not show the final error message
DataStage: Help text contains incorrect command syntax for the DSXImportService command
DataStage: problem re-importing parameter sets using the DSImportService command
DataStage: Table definitions imported using the DataStage Connector import wizard do not show referenced tables
DataStage SQL Builder: Invalid join condition
DataStage: Multi Job Compiler can seem to hang if a Mainframe Job is compiled, that has an invalid drive specified in its Code Generation Path property
DataStage: Compilation of a parallel job fails if the job contains a shared container that has an environment variable as one of the parameters
DataStage server jobs: Cannot set partitioning algorithm by using the job parameter
DataStage: remote deployment re-enabled
DataStage: dsrpc process has POSIX locale set after installation
DataStage on Japanese systems: Problem in some stage editors with certain combinations of half-width Katakana mixed with full-width Katakana characters
DataStage: Restrictions using Wrapped stages on Windows server
DataStage: Build (buildop) stage uses string internally, even when specifying ustring in schema
DataStage: Jobs that contain SCD stages do not compile
DataStage: Potential problem exporting runtime object for wrapped stage using istool
Information Server Manager: problem exporting jobs that contain a wrapped stage
Information Server Manager: Cannot run job containing Wrapped stage after import

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